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Body treatments for men

Cleansing treatment of the back (pore extraction)

Have you had enough of the annoying spots and pimples covering your back? Try our wonderful cleansing treatment containing the purest natural ingredients and say goodbye to all your insecurities.

8.990 Ft

Hydrating, softening body treatment (60 minutes)

Imagine the softest skin you can; this is what this magical treatment is offering you. It will completely remove all the dead skin cells, enhancing the absorption of active ingredients. We use deeply nourishing and hydrating products that will surly make your skin velvety and smooth.

8.990 Ft

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Thalion Express Slim Treatment

Visible results in one session!

Thalion Express Slim treatment on stomach, hip and waist (30 minutes)

8.590 Ft

Thalion Express Slim treatment on stomach, hip, waist and arms (45 minutes)

9.690 Ft

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