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We all dream about waking up looking perfect just like the actresses in movies!

Well now this dream can easily come true if you try out permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup

Lips - full colour

68.000 Ft

Lips - softer shades

62.000 Ft


also known by a variety of names such as eyebrow embroidery or microstroking is is a specialized technique to create the most natural and beautiful eyebrows

45.000 Ft

Permanent eyebrows

powdery or classical look

45.000 Ft

Think eyeliner

to enhance the look of your eyelashes

38.000 Ft

Thicker eyeliner

44.000 Ft

Eyeliner on the bottom lashes

only in case of Eyeliner on the top lashline

15.000 Ft


for all types of the permanent makeup

5.000 Ft

Fading of permanent makeup

We apply a fading treatment with Ecuri enzimes on the older, discoloured permanent makeup to fade it out

15.000 Ft / session

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