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BLISS GlamSpa offers a wonderful range of natural facials.

Our experts use the unique and pure Ilcsi organic skin care line with exceptionally high active ingredient content that will give you a true taste of the power of nature.


Choose from our facial treatment or ask for the assistance of our beauty experts.



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Microdermabrasion on face

4.990 Ft

5-session pass

22.490 Ft

Microdermabrasion on face and neck

5.990 Ft

5-session pass

26.990 Ft

Microdermabrasion on face, neck and cleavage

7.990 Ft

5-session pass

35.990 Ft

Mesopen collagen induction treatment on the face

Choose you own treatment ampoule: anti-ageing cocktail, hyperpigmentation cocktail, anti-scar cocktail, hydra boost cocktail

12.990 Ft

5-session pass

58.490 Ft

Mesopen collagen induction treatment on the face, nack and cleavage

Choose you own treatment ampoule: anti-ageing cocktail, hyperpigmentation cocktail, anti-scar cocktail, hydra boost cocktail

16.990 Ft

5-session pass

76.490 Ft

Cleansing treatment (with massage)

Classic cleansing (pore extraction) treatment, spiced up with a relaxing, pampering facial massage.

9.590 Ft

Cleansing treatment for teenagers (with pore extraction)

Under the age of 16.

6.990 Ft

Hydrating treatment (with massage)

Our Hydrating treatment contains a carefully selected range of products made out of the best hydrating fruits and vegetables. The active ingredients used during this facial will fill your skin with vitamins and minerals, while restoring its moisture level and making it silky soft.

9.990 Ft

Regenerating, vitalizing treatment (with massage)

Thanks to our personalized regenerating treatment your skin will regain its youthful glow and velvety softness. This facial combines a selection of natural products containing the most effective beautifying herb. With their remarkably high antioxidant and vitamin content the treatment will enhance the elasticity of the skin, restore its hydration and promote the regeneration of the collagen fibers.

9.990 Ft

Rejuvenating face treatment with AHA (fruit acidic) peel

This biological peel delivers a result that can be seen and felt immediately, irrespective of skin type or skin problem. It loosens and removes dead epidermal cells from the surface, promotes skin renewal, loosens wrinkles and has a superficial keratolytic effect, improves the skin’s capability to retain water.

11.990 Ft

Treatment of sensitive skin prone to acne (with massage)

The most important active ingredient of this treatment is rose hip, which is one our best source of vitamin C. It strengthens the walls of the blood vessel and increases the body's resistance. This treatment brings instant relief to the water deficient skin prone to acne and inflammation. It not only sooths the skin but also deeply nourishes it while making it velvety smooth.

9.990 Ft

Treatment of skin prone to rosacea (with massage)

The treatment of rosacea has two main steps. The first one is the removal of the stagnant blood, which is done using a strong circulation boosting treatment that is combined with a fruit acidic peeling. In the remaining part of the treatment we are focusing on soothing the skin with Rose hip products. Due to their high vitamin C content these products not only sooth the skin but they also strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, that is essential in the long lasting treatment of rosacea.

9.990 Ft

Treatment of skin prone to rosacea with AHA peel (with massage)

11.990 Ft

Anti-ageing treatment with herbal hyaluron (with massage)

Say no to ageing with the force of nature! Thanks to its unique organic herbal ingredients, Ilcsi’s Anti-ageing & Hyaluron product line regenerates the skin, while improving its firmness and elasticity, all in one step. The product line includes both high and low molecular sized herbal hyaluron in high concentrations that contribute to the overall skin rejuvenation.

10.990 Ft

Grape Stem Cell anti-wrinkle treatment (with massage)

Grape stem cells regenerate the epidermal stem cells that are naturally present in our skin. Grape stem cells combined with the beneficial effect of grapes can protect the skin’s DNA against harmful effects of free radicals, increase the life of skin cells and improve its structure. The treatment increases the skin’s elasticity and restores its hydration; it reduces the depth of the wrinkles making the skin silky and supple.

11.990 Ft

Express beautifying mask

Our highly active natural beautifying masks instantly rejuvenate your skin with the force of nature. Pop in during your lunch break or whenever you feel like you need a quick pampering session! No appointment necessary!

3.490 Ft

Relaxing massage for face & cleavage (30 minutes)

This massage is the ultimate spa treatment for those who are short on time. 30 minutes of pure relaxation, this soothing massage helps to ease out tension and helps relieve mental stress. The massage movements also stimulate blood circulation in the face giving the skin a renewed glow and freshness. No appointment necessary!

3.490 Ft

Complementing any of our treatments with cleansing (pore extraction)

1.890 Ft

Complementing any of our treatments with AHA peel

1.890 Ft

Eyelash tint

1.390 Ft

Eyebrow tint

1.390 Ft

Lip hair bleaching

1.590 Ft

Facial hair bleaching

1.590 Ft

Arm hair bleaching

2.990 Ft

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