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Manicure - Pedicure for Men


nail trimming, shaping, cuticle removal

2.690 Ft

Pampering Spa manicure

hand soak, peeling, mask, moisturizing, hand massage and manicure

3.990 FT

Aesthetic pedicure

Disinfectant soak, callus removal, nail shaping, nourishing cream

5.290 Ft

SPA Pedicure

refreshing disinfectant soak, callus removal, peeling, mask, nourishing cream, refreshing massage

6.990 Ft

Medical pedicure

disinfectant soak, removing larger, thick calluses, cleaning of heel fissures, treatment of the surface of thickened nails, nails shaping, nourishing cream

5.290 Ft

Foot massage

30 minutes

3.990 Ft

In the case of nail fungi, please consult a dermatologist first, we will only be able to schedule an appointment for pedicure once the nail has completely healed.