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"A smile is the prettiest accessory a lady can wear."


You don’t have to go to Hollywood to perfect your beauty with a dazzling smile. Our cosmetic teeth whitening service perfectly complements all the other beauty treatments available in the salon. We believe that a radiant smile will spread a red carpet over the bumpy way of life.


Before we opened the salon we set out to find the most effective teeth whitening process available on the market. (Its durability is only preceded by the drastic porcelain veneers, but we do not support the full and irreversible trimming of the enamel.)


Our professional teeth whitening treatment is carried out with utmost expertise and experience. The whitening material used in the process  can easily penetrate into the tissues of the teeth making it suitable for deep and long lasting teeth whitening. The treatment takes about an hour, the result is a shining white set of teeth lasting for years (it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 2-3 years).


The treatment is carried out by Dr. Lilian Nochta, an excellent dentist and orthodontist, who makes our aesthetic dental treatments a unique experience with her unrivaled expertise and genuine kindness.


Smile and the world will laugh with you!


Price per treatment: 99.990 Ft 







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The secret of a true Hollywood smile