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Laser Hair Removal

3 years ago we opened Bliss GlamSpa. We spent 3 years trying to find that unique device, that truly removes all the unwanted hair for good. In the last 3 years we  tried and tested several laser devices, trying to avoid the low quality asian equipments could never live up to their promises. It's been 3 years, but we finally came to the end our journey, we could not be happier to introduce to you...

the  Cocoon Medical Elysion-Pro

medical aesthetic laser hair removal machine!

Top performance. Painless. For ALL types of skin and hair.

Try the carelessness of forever hairlessness!

Free skin diagnostics and consultation


Upper lip

12.000 Ft

Upper lip & chin

18.000 Ft


12.000 Ft


12.000 Ft


18.000 Ft

Under arm

20.000 Ft

Bikini line

18.000 Ft

Full intimate

35.000 Ft

Full intimate & inside of buttocks 

45.000 Ft

Shins (half leg)

45.000 Ft

Full legs

90.000 Ft


55.000 Ft

Thighs on the back / inside

28.000 Ft


20.000 Ft


12.000 Ft

Half arm

20.000 Ft

Full arm

35.000 Ft


12.000 Ft

Stomach S

18.000 Ft

Stomach M

28.000 Ft

Stomach L

38.000 Ft

Stomach line

13.000 Ft

Half back

28.000 Ft

Full back

45.000 Ft


10.000 Ft

Around the nipples

10.000 Ft

Neck on the front / back

15.000 Ft

Full chest

45.000 Ft

Half chest

30.000 Ft

Unlimited yearly full body pass

680.000 Ft

Our prices are in Hungarian Forints and contain VAT. The prices are valid untin withdrawn.